Pure Brite is a multi purpose cleaner and polish that is only made from natural products.

That's right, you have finally found a product that cleans effectively, polishes and protects any surface while not containing any phosphates or other harmful chemicals !

Using the non toxic Pure Brite, will allow you to protect your environment inside and outside the house. You want to start green cleaning ? Pure Brite will be your best ally to help you go through with it.

Pure Brite is partly made of clay, thus its effectiveness on any surface, but it will not scratch them. Don't be afraid to clean any kinf of metal, mirrors, ceramics, porcelain, marble, wood... Also use it to clean stainless steel, silverware, jewelry, glass shower doors, glass stove tops or even car wheels !

Pure Brite will leave a refreshing and non-agressive lemon fragrance that you will certainly enjoy more than any chemical scent.

The manufacturing of Pure Brite is for the most part a secret that must be kept safe, but we can still tell you a part of how we proceed to make our mutli-purpose cleaner and polish !

- First, there is the making of the paste, that we put into plastic boxes.

- We carefully watch over the perfect filling up of each box and scrape the surplus paste.

- Then, the product is left drying for 2 to 4 days, depending on the size of the boxes and the relative air humidity.

- Without adding any hardener, the paste becomes stone. It is a natural process.

- Final step : we add the sponge and close the plastic box.

And there you have it ! Your box of Pure Brite is ready to be used and to clean effectively, polish and protect any surface !